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Bean shellers, most commonly known as pea shellers,  have gained in popularity as Americans are returning to gardening to offset high produce costs as well as to provide safe foods for their families. These home harvest automation equipment automates the process while maintaining the wholesomeness of home gardening.

If you are among the many that has the pleasure of eating fresh peas and beans, you know that they are far superior to the nutrient-lacking, preservative-ladden canned foods found at the grocery store. Full of salt and other preservatives, they are far removed from the healthy produce grown in family gardens. Having a personal garden allows you to know what chemicals-- if any!-- are used on your produce and ensure you are providing your family with the best possible fresh produce.

I consider myself a self-taught expert in the realm of peas, beans and how to best bring them from the garden to the table. I have utilized many sources during my learning process and I have found website to be quite informative. has bean and pea shellers for sale at the best price. also has  pea shellers for sale at real good prices and very fast shipping.  Both of these sites have a lot of unique information on bean and shelling.


A Word of Caution for you DIYers (and bargain shoppers)

There are a few homemade pea shellers made from bean sheller blueprints or pea sheller plans bought off the internet.  Be careful!  Those can be costly mistakes!  The loss of yield over time can add up to a lot of money.  In an attempt to save money, you can actually ruin your hard-earned harvest.

Each of the bean shellers reviewed are essentially lifetime purchases.  They don't wear out.  Don't be fooled by the difference between a one-time purchase and the ongoing cost of lost yields and do-it-yourself mistakes.

Also a word of caution for yard salers and flea marketers-- you may find a bean or pea sheller during bargain-hunting. This may be a diamond in the rough... but it also may be junk. These may have not been cared for properly-- especially when it comes to the rollers. How often I've heard of a bargain hunter finding a pea sheller only to find out they've spent more than half of a new unit... and the rollers need replacing due to wear or critters munching on them. If you decide to purchase used, make sure you have the opportunity to turn the unit on for several minutes. Inspect the rollers for any unevenness. And buyer... beware. (Pea sheller parts can be purchased here).  

Bean Sheller Reviews

It is important to note there is no "Best" bean sheller.  Each bean sheller is designed for a specific niche.  The real decision is what are your needs and how much do you want to spend.

If you have a small pea garden but plan on growing, then take strong consideration of your future needs.  There are some with a lot of money that will buy the biggest and best with dramatic overkill. 

Still others will have larger gardens but little money.  Any one of these pea shellers is better than doing it by hand.  So if you have a limited budget my recommendation is get the biggest you can afford that fits your present/future needs.




Mr. Pea Sheller Review - is the small gardener's little friend.  It can be stored in a kitchen drawer.  There are a number of people who have expressed unhappiness with the Mr. Pea Sheller, but that is because they did not know how to use it.  Take the time to learn how to correctly operate your sheller for optimum use.

Electric Mr Pea Sheller Review - is a highly effective for those with small, medium and large gardens.  It is compact and can be stored in a closet or under the kitchen cabinet.   A lot of people are fooled because they relate performance with size.  The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is a life-saver for so many gardeners.

Little Pea Sheller- A favorite among larger gardeners and small commercial pea sheller operation.  Many smaller gardeners will buy this unit because it is the most expensive.  It will quickly become "community property" as neighbors will want to use it too.  Because of the great customer reputation and the quality of this pea sheller, it is my favorite.

All the Little Sheller parts are replaceable. Here is a good site for Taylor Pea Sheller Parts

TaMaCo 515 Pea Huller- is for the light to medium commercial pea sheller operator.  Some Farmer's Markets will have one of these for their own use and/or to shell peas for customers.  Multi-families will buy one and share it.  There are some down sides to using a drum pea sheller. Is a TaMaCo 515 Pea Huller a good deal?




Bean Shellers

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