PoBoy Pea Sheller

$99 Limited Quantity $65

The Pea Sheller With Adjustable Rollers!

There is a lot of excitement over such a little pea sheller, but the Poboy is being talked about in gardening circles across the south.

First, it is the most affordable pea sheller with adjustable rollers. The guys at Southern Garden Tools have really out done themselves on this one!<

The rollers use "Gripit & Ripit" roller technology to tear the pea hull down the seam and let the peas fall gently in to the container. This is much better then the spline rollers that force the peas out which is the cause of a lot of mashed peas.

Kerry Clabaugh, the lead de-engineer on the project, has spent a lot of time with professionals to develop a system that will effectively eliminate mashing and tremendously increase yield.

Shell up to 4 5-gallon buckets an hour!
Pea Sheller Machine Video
We've taken all the advantages of the more expensive pea shellers and made them affordable for the residential gardener.
Butter Beans?
Yep! Especially butter beans, and lima beans, white acre, purple hull, black-eye peas, and many more.
For more information visit the PoBoy Pea Sheller Website.
The Poboy will be available at these locations:
855 Sheller.com